My Experience

Okay, I have been writing for years and did indeed try the traditional publishing route. I did my homework and bought the Guide to Literary Agents, because we all know you need an agent for any publisher to even look at your book. Wrote and re-wrote the query letters after researching each agent for particulars etc etc. Sent out sixty-five queries, (not nearly as many as some, but more than others). To make a long story short, the whole process took the fun out of the writing/publishing venture. Now, some will say that I was not serious enough, not hungry enough, and I couldn’t agree more. As mentioned in an earlier post, I knew that this “second career” – read hobby – did not have to support me and needed to be enjoyable.

With the development of e-publishing shaking up the traditional publishers, getting published by one of the big six has become even more difficult as their situation becomes more dire from the competition. They want to take even fewer chances. Considering so many are now accepting e-mail submissions, you would think it would make the whole vetting process of queries easier. I’m sure it has, at the expense of those writers submitting. I found it amazing that despite the fact that it would take maybe ten seconds to send a generic “no thank you” using automated replies,  so many publising companies stated clearly that if they wouldn’t be responding unless they were interested. And I loved that some of them who would accept your manuscript didn’t want you to submit to anyone else – even though you might not hear from them for six months. I knew it was a business and they don’t want to be my friend, but the attitude was so repulsive to me that it turned me off.

Having seen the success of others with e-publishing, the more I thought of and researched the process, the more it appealed to me. I would have control, be responsible. Set  my own goals and timeline. I don’t know how its going to go yet, but it continues to be an adventure that I am enjoying.  In case you are interested in the steps and stages, next blog I will start a timeline just to give you an idea of my progress.

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