Avoid it! Reason with yourself. Take deep breaths.

For anyone new to the e-publishing game – (read me) –either contemplating giving it a shot or in the process of launching your first book – try to avoid the panic attack. I am a week into my book hitting the Smashwords site and that’s what I have to do.

You spend months or years writing your masterpiece, then accelerate the excitement as you pass the hurdles of formatting, a book cover, creating a personal web site. You’ve read countless articles on all the things that have to be in place, all the marketing strategies that need to be ready to capture the attention of would-be customers. And then it’s up on the site and you check it daily. Three or four times a day. The world isn’t flocking to it!! What did I forget? Coupons! I’ve got to create coupons! Now! Maybe if I give it away free. Is anyone even looking at it?

And then, if you are lucky, you remember a blog or article you read that said “remember you are in this for the long term”. If you are doing this for the money and fame – it ain’t gonna happen in a week. Or even two. Maybe you sit down and have a rusty nail and examine once again why you are doing this, and you realize that it was nice getting to know your characters in the book. That it was exciting creating the book cover and building your web site. That you sure have learned a lot. About web sites and Twitter and Facebook. And writing. That you are proud of your novel, and yes would be nice if others did enjoy the story. But gee it feels good just to see it there – and know that it’s as good as most of the stuff out there that you have tried to read. Now you are sane again.

So you relax, and finish your drink, and heck, I might as well take one more look at the stats.


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    • Sorry Curtis – finally just found your question. I am using Word Press and the theme for my site is Weaver. I think it is Weaver I, but I see a newer version (Weaver II) is now available. Not really very computer savy so that’s the most info I can offer. Thanks for dropping by. Dan

  1. Thank you for your comment and I am glad my thoughts helped. I think the feelings are pretty much universal for most writers starting out. Have a good one.

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