Said I’d be Back

Well I am only a couple days late on my promise to myself, and of course all of you, that I would return. Once again its about  finding balance in a busy life.

First some news. A Lesson in Revenge is now offered for free – not the $2.99 that it was at first. Apologies to my family  who payed this exorbitant price. I feel that if folks are like me (read a little older and less versed in todays world of on-lne purchases, pay pal and the like) they tend to dismiss the purchase because of the hassle. Hopefully if the book is free it will make it easier for them to download it and read it – and getting people to read my work is what it is really about. (At lease for now – wink, wink)

It would be nice to have someone out there download it and send in an honest review of it. I would like to know what others think – although I think it is a great summer read. But then, I would think that, wouldn’t I?

Next news, I am painstakingly working my way through the process of POD – print on demand. A little more challenging, mainly because of not as much clear direction from the source. But then I will be able to offer signed copies to readers for doing reviews or as prizes!! Whoa!!

My next book, which is previewed at the end of A Lesson in Revenge, will have to be delayed due to a busy author who has been slowed down by life and the afformentioned struggle with POD of the first outstanding novel. That would be  A Lesson in Revenge.

So if you have visited, thank you. Don’t be shy about writing me a line or starting a conversation about some aspect of writing that you are dealing with – and I promise to try and be more attentive to my site – more interesting and entertaining as well!


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