Be prepared to Market your work

Have spent much time marketing and not writing as I have discovered – really mean accepted – that no one is going to buy or read my work if I don’t get it out there. It doesn’t matter how good anyone’s work is, if you are not prepared to do the marketing – in whatever form you feel comfortable with -“it ain’t gonna happen”. Maybe you join other sites that cater to new authors, maybe you are a social media junkie, but whatever it is, you have to do something, IF being read or making a ton of money is your goal. Remember – keep the goal in mind.

Met a writer on line from England – Dean Baker – author of a very funny novel – The Big R – who got on a bit of a rant the other day about marketing and the book publishing bizz in gent.

I know what you mean about the marketing. It’s probably as important ( or more important) than the quality of the writing these days, which is why it is such a chore for people like us that are just in it for the fun and not the fame/money. But unfortunately, if you want to find an audience, even if you’re giving away the books for free, you have to become a shameless publicity whore! Major publishers can assign a whole team of marketers and PR gurus to do this for their writers full time, so you can see the dilemma for the independent writer. Do I spend my time full time blogging/publicising? Or actually trying to write something special?

 I definitely think the e-book explosion is due to the short sightedness of the publishing industry. If they’d been less short term oriented in giving book deals to famous people who weren’t even writers and selling ‘names’ above content, and invested a little more time and money in developing new writers with something positive to offer, then e-books probably wouldn’t have exploded in the way they have. At present the problem is distinguishing quality amongst the mass. Anyone can publish an e-book, there’s no real quality filter, so how do people know which books are good and which are not? And how do you get your book noticed amongst the detritus? Even the review sites have become like the wild west where for $500 you can buy recomendations…..which editor is going to tell a paying customer their book is total rubbish?

Anyway, rant over for today!

For me, my marketing has to be a one on one approach. A lot more personable and enjoyable. But then again, we are all different and have our own goals.

til next time – Dan



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