Getting Close

Well, I am getting close to kicking this thing off. Think I have the text formatted properly, have created a cover and a blurb. This web site business seems to be the most challenging, but now that the book is about ready, I will return to it and continue construction.

My goal is to provide something for writers as well as readers. For those who are at the same stage as myself or a step behind, attempting the epub route, or considering it, I hope to docuement, so to speak, my efforts and results and dispense any information that might be helpful – while at the same time making it entertaining. This info will be shared under “For Writers” (clever eh?). Hopefully others who are on a similar journey will weigh in and add their two cents.

I doubt that I will blog every day as this is not my life, only an important part of it. I will try to be diligent and keep dutiful notes on the progress and respond to those who choose to make comments and follow along on the ride. I doubt that much will be new, unless you are much greener than I. If you read it here, I probably read it somewhere else and am just passing it on. But then again we all have to learn it somewhere.

So as the day gets closer to sending that file to Smashwords I gotta admit its getting kinda exciting. ( I am more than a little bit nervous, wondering it I got all the formatting right)  But that is part of the fun. Seeing the next step, and thanks to epub, we all have that opportunity to offer our writing to others.

Thanks for reading


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  1. Hey. Lost my first attempt at an update. Just disappeared. A Lesson in Revenge passed the litmus test at Smashwords and was accepted in the Premium category and should be on their site for sale any day now. Exciting!

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