A Lesson in Revenge – Trivia and Pictures

I guess this is for writers and readers, because it might be interesting for some, motivating for others, and just because I like to share stuff.

DID YOU KNOW? – Of course you didn’t but I needed a snappy sub-title.

  1. While on Mike’s sailboat, (we were sailing to the Oakville marina for an overnight stay – left the ladies at home) we brainstormed for an idea for my next book, which turned out to be A Lesson in Revenge – if you hadn’t already guessed. Although it does not necessarily need to be heeded, some sage advice is to write what you know. So, the question was,  what did I know?
  2. I was a teacher, so the protagonist could be one. It would help form his character, give him an environment that was, at least superficially, familiar to most people. At the same time I could give them an inside view of teachers, the school system and what really goes on.
  3. I wrote and directed school plays so I included that idea. (hoping it will add a little colour and excitement when they make the movie!)
  4. The school itself, much like the island on “Lost” could become a character, at the least an integral part of the story affecting the events and outcome.
  5. I was familiar with archery so could write about that.
  6. The school setting is actually a composite of two schools that I taught at, with all of the features present in one or the other.
  7. Because of the nature of the plot, cell phones became a problem. I had to change the time period to earlier when everyone wasn’t walking around with them.
  8. The same applied to the sophistication of computers, iPads, etc.  Anyways, the music was better back then.
  9. The cover is actually a photo of a blackboard in the room I taught in. Brian Patton, the present VP, graciously allowed me to come in and set up for the cover shot (gosh that sounds professional) and take a variety of other pictures.
  10. The ending is new and was never realized until years after I finished the novel. When the light bulb went off, time for another rewrite.
  11. To help put the reader in the school, I drew floor plans that I originally included for the book . When placed in the text through formatting they didn’t work very well. I hope to include them here to augment your reading pleasure when I figure out how.
  12. Robert’s house and yard is based on the first home we bought.
  13. Julie’s house is based on my wife’s grandmother’s home.


The front hall where Julie was forced to chain the doors.


View of the auditorium and stage from the front entrance.


Main floor hallway from the auditorium floor.


In the Boys entrance door…

…and down to the basement using the stairway under the landing.

Originally drawn by hand to add to the “authenticity” of a 75 year old school, unfortunately I didn’t feel the drawings added to the novel – although they might have been welcomed considering all the running around Robert had to do.

Main Floor Auditorium


The Light Shaft – where the rubber met the road – so to speak.


Light Shaft