E-pub and Your Personal Quest


E-pub and Your Personal Quest

Probably the best piece of advice I read was from JA Konrath who said that you have to know why you are writing, as in “what is your goal?” Without knowing your goal, you can subject yourself to an inordinate amount of wasted time and effort and amass an incredible amount of frustration and expense. Although writing often goes hand in hand with the desire to publish, even then you have to know what is the “publishing goal”. With starry eyes, things can go off track despite that first innocent goal. Let’s examine for a moment what might be a typical scenario.
I don’t think it matters why you started writing. You had a story idea, you’ve always written, you want to be rich, the stuff out there is mostly junk. So you write and maybe keep writing and your goal begins to change. Today the writing flows. You just re-read the first chapter of your last novel, having left it aside for some time, as advised by many, and yee gods! but it is good! Better than a lot of the drivel out there. And with e-pub you can get it on the market with no trouble at all and it won’t cost you a cent. And so I suspect, for many, it begins. The Quest.
Nothing wrong with the quest. Is the goal now fame and fortune? Going on the book signing, television show circuit? Those potentially new goals are fine. If you recognize the new goal and its demands, and are driven, go for it with all the energy and commitment you have, but be aware, that with e-pub, (viewed as a kind of magic cure for getting published, and is in some cases) there are no guarantees that putting it on line is going to make your fortune or fame. This ain’t no 45 second u-tube video. Unless you already have a following developed over the years with published books, the odds are that it will take years of on-line savvy marketing of your work to succeed in your quest. Did I also mention great writing?
My point? Make sure, if your goal changes that you stay aware of that and the new demands. It can become very easy to get swept up in today’s e-pub rush. Very easy to become distracted from a realistic enjoyable pastime. Does the joy of writing become a job? Does an inexpensive hobby become money draining? Is there no time left for other activities that are an important part of your life? Of balance?
I have travelled the arc, back and forth more than a few times. Without going into a lot of detail, (I’ll save that for another day) e-pub is now a route I wish to pursue. I think my stories are worth reading, I would like to have a copy of my book(s) for my kids, get the pleasure of seeing it in print myself, and maybe make a dollar to two. It’s my hobby, and as long as it fulfills the goals I set out, I’ll keep doing it.
So, although e-pub can be a door to fame and fortune, be aware of the realities in achieving it. It is not a quick fix. Do your research. Then, if you stay focused, and keep the e-pub goal clearly defined, whatever it is, it can be the answer to your own personal quest.




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  1. Well I have returned and spent several hours – an understatement – trying to bring my site up to date – with varying results. Technology has worn me down now and it is time to get back writing but I shall endeavor to return soon with news on the upcoming novel – The Reedsmith of Zendar. Till then – read on.

  2. Yes it true! Print copies of A LESSON IN REVENGE are finally available from Createspace – the print division of Amazon. It only took two months of interrupted editing and format struggling on my part to finally get a proof that I am satisfied with. I have included a sneak peak at my next novel that will be coming out in the new year.
    Getting right into the writing scene. Emily Harper, author of White Lies, and a member of my writing group, has her debut novel out and her first book signing at Burlington Mall on October 19th from 2:30 to 4:30. This will be my first attendance at a book signing and I am looking forward to seeing what it is all about. (Kinda like doing my research and homework). Good luck Emily!!

  3. As an avid reader of the thriller genre, I loved Daniel Side’s debut novel. David is a fascinating evil force in the novel- you feel both horrified and saddened by him at the same time. I look forward to reading the novel again!

  4. Okay, with summer winding down I’ve got more time for writing and blogging.

    First, I think I bad-mouthed Create Space. Sorry Create Space. (the quote went something like “fighting my way through their formatting to get the book ready for POD) It actually wasn’t all that bad once I stopped reading everyone’s horror stories and complaints on their site and just plunged in following their basic instructions. Got the copy back to proof read (strongly suggested to do so by them) and I am about half way through – making many corrections. And I thought I had it perfect! The advice of all the e-pub authors I have read says – Get an editor. Good advice. I didn’t take it because I tend to do stuff myself and because writing for me is a hobby and must be relatively inexpensive and editors cost money. Is that going to cost me some fans or money – you betcha but at least it is a decision based on an awareness of the consequences.
    So what have I learned from this episode? Well: A- hard to find your own mistakes. B – it helps you find your mistakes if it is on paper – as in that first copy they sent. C- you find not only typos and spelling but once again its another edit and you actually improve it more.
    So until next time – keep those comments coming in (don’t just read others’ sites and not comment). I now understand the importance of commenting on the sites of those just starting out and I shall try to do so myself. Dan

  5. I haven’t deserted my site – honestly. Life has just taken over and I have not been able to get back to it. I am getting better at accepting that this happens and am very proud of myself for not freaking out because the writing is not getting done – along with adding to this web site. The goal is to be back to both starting the second week of July. Ah, we have to have goals. See you then.

  6. Well the initial excitement over getting A Lesson in Revenge published has settled and I guess it is now time to, as my father-in-law used to say, “market yourself”. Not my favourite thing to do but I will take it slowly and just chip away at it. You can do me a favour and if you happen upon this site, and better still, my novel, you can pass the word along. See how I’ve already started my campaign? Clever, ehh?