Words of Wisdom I have collected from some People about Writing

1   Writing should be interesting but invisible.  That wonderful turn of phrase or alliteration that makes the reader stop and go “wow!” takes them out of the story – is a distraction.

2   Choose details which imply other details.

(Discarded pizza boxes and empty pop tins littered the floor of Eli’s living room.)

3   Hide a description within an action.  Don’t describe stuff.  Describe things happening.  ie. As he slunk into the living room, Eli chucked his Jays hat onto the chair.

4   Describe how something feels – not how it looks.  Describe attitude.  ie.  She was a hundred and thirty pounds of sex, wrapped in a ten dollar dress, waiting for him to make the next move.

5   Don’t have scenes too on the nose – especially dialogue.  It should often have subtext.   Introduce something else in the scene that they talk about – all the while both know they are talking about each other, or their relationship or what the person did.

At the Mandarin – a young woman looking at the handsome young man’s plate – loaded with delicacies – “ Hey, I like what you’ve got there.”

Looks back at her with a smile – “ I like what you’ve got there too.”

6   Perk up a scene by changing something in a tired scene – the location, character.

7   The antagonist is never a villain in his own eyes – he believes what he is doing is justified.

8   If the story still makes sense without the scene, then it isn’t needed.  However it may still be viable if it establishes a mood or develops a character.